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my picture I was born and brought up in INDIA and since my childhood I was fond of photography. Until my junior college, Photography to me meant taking pictures of people, and as I took pictures of people mostly friends and family I was never satisfied because the pictures i took were no where near to the quality of the pictures I saw in magazines.

After coming to US in 1999 photography took a back seat while i was focused on my career as a software consultant. The itch :-) started again after my marriage in 2002 and I bought a high-end SONY camcorder which also had a 1.3 megapixel picture taking capability and got myself introduced to digital photography. I also found a person who although not very interested to pose for pictures but still does that for me. My wife.

All this time I did not read any books nor studied photography in any way. I knew there is more to photography than I think what it is, and I was fascinated to find out the basics of photography when I took a class in 2005 while i was in Seattle. That class made me rethink about photography and it did not take much time before I bought the Nikon D70s DSLR camera. It was a big step for me but was not hard as I was very sure that I will be attached to photography for the rest of my life.

I consider myself an amateur in photography, and with little time i get to spend on taking pictures, I try to learn as much as possible and always looking for something new to try. Although landscape/wildlife photography is my personal interest, I do like to take pictures of all kinds of subjects.
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